About Whitney

Hi, I'm Whitney.

I'm a high school musician who wants more desperately than anything to become an accomplished musician- a major success. I've been singing and playing instruments my whole life. I've taken piano and voice lessons. I started viola in sixth grade. I became serious about viola in eighth grade.
Now I'm on the ever-winding path towards being a music major. I'm still deciding upon the college.
There are only two things which top music in importance in my life- My God, and my family. I am a Mormon, and my religion is the most important aspect of my life. I love my family so very dearly and they are the support behind me. Along with amazing friends and role models!
My friends describe me as energetic and happy. I love living my life. It's beautiful. I know that success can be mine if I work hard and rely on the Lord.

Musical Achievements and Experience
Whitney is a gold-medal soloist at the State ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Competition.  Youngest member to be a principle player in the top orchestra, the symphony, of her school. A member of the Honor Orchestra of America. She also is a violist in the Hendricks Symphony Orchestra. Violist in, and founder of the Forza String Quartet, which is has won gold at the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Competition.  Whitney is a private viola instructor. She has worked as a camp counselor for beginning string players.


  1. Just from seeing the things you have posted recently, I can tell you are a wonderful girl. I am also a Mormon high school and I love playing the piano, and I have been playing since I was 5. You are huge inspiration to me, because just the other day, I was talking to my parents about what I wanted to be and they said being a musician doesn't pay well, and you cannot have a settled down life with it. What are your thoughts?

    1. Sorry it has taken so long to reply! I haven't been on this blog for a while! (Oops! My main blog is www.mormon-teen.blogspot.com)
      I'd say there's definitely money-making potential. You have to practice like no other, though. To make REALLY good money, you'd get into a symphony, which is super hard to do. Or you could teach, which is okay money, especially for a girl, who will probably have a husband providing for her. You can do extremely well if you devote yourself to it!