Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healing Comes... and with it MORE MUSIC!

I haven't posted here in a very long time, but I want to start it up again. I don't know if many people read this blog, but if for no one else, I want to keep it up for me.

So, in a nutshell, I had some really bad arm injuries from too much viola-playing. (I was at about five hours a day right before I became injured... yeah). It took months of visiting different doctors, failed attempts at rehabilitative exercises, and varying physical therapists before I found a doctor and PT who knew exactly how to take care of me. After that, I started healing! I couldn't play very much at all all of last semester. I didn't play in orchestra class at school. I had to stop private lessons. I only practiced with my quartet ocassionally.

However, I am so grateful and thrilled to say that I am up to about two or three blocks of 45-60 minutes a day. I am so blessed and I know it's a blessing from God.

I hadn't forgotten how much I loved viola, but I'd forgotten how wonderful it felt to actually progress in skill. To be unable to play something, and then to play it beautifully a month later is such an amazing thing. Lately I've been able to play in concerts and weddings, play in nursing homes, and teach private lessons. I feel so marvelous being able to play for people and share my love with others.

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